We provide basic support free-of-charge to all our users, even those who are not paying customers.


Seek help by querying us by email, allowing you to quickly gain answers to your Clever Cloud specific questions and open a ticket directly with our support staff. We will respond to your email within a few hours, or two business days in the worst case.

Ticket Center

You can find in the console a button to start a conversation with our engineers. For each new ticket it will create a new thread, on a specific subject. Therefore, you can create several tickets for each issue.

If you open a ticket inside an organisation with members, they will be added to the discussion by e-mail.

Feel free to use it when this service available, from 9 a.m to 6 p.m CEST+2 during open business days.

Critical application support

Clever Cloud offers a premium support option providing 24/7 a direct line to our team of support engineers. Our team’s focus is investigating and solving new problems, getting feedback on the service and working hard to improve the core service.

Get more information and contact our sales team at:

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