Get an application lifecycle

Get an application lifecycle

Status of your application

Clever-tools can show you the status of an application on Clever Cloud using clever status. This command shows you if the application is running or stopped and informations about the scalability of your application.

Activity of your application

clever-tools can show you the activity of an application. For each deployment, you get :

  • date and time of deployment
  • status (OK or FAIL)
  • action (DEPLOY or UNDEPLOY)
  • commit ID
  • tool used to deploy (Git/Console/clever-tools/…)

In order to show those informations, use :

# Show the last 10 deployments
clever activity

# Show all deployments
clever activity --show-all

# Show deployments and track new ones
clever activity --follow

Listing linked applications

You can list your linked applications with clever applications. For each application, the command shows you the alias, the id and the deployment url.

# List linked applications
clever applications

# List only application aliases
clever applications --only-aliases
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