Apps creation process

clever create allows you to create a new application.

First of all, select the type of your application in the list below :

  • docker (Docker)
  • go (Go)
  • gradle (Java or Groovy + Gradle)
  • jar (Java + JAR)
  • maven (Java + Maven)
  • node (Node)
  • php (PHP)
  • play1 (Java + Play! 1)
  • play2 (Java or Scala + Play! 2)
  • python (Python)
  • ruby (Ruby)
  • rust (Rust)
  • sbt (Scala + SBT)
  • static-apache (Static)
  • war (Java + WAR)

Then, in order to create your app in your personal space, use :

clever create --type <type> <app-name>

# Create an application for an organization
clever create --type <type> <app-name> --org <org>

# Choose the region of your application (par, rbx, wsw, mtl, sgp, syd)
clever create --type <type> <app-name> --region <zone>


You might want to use an alias instead of the complete name.

clever create --type <type> <app-name> --alias <alias>

When you want to make reference to this application using an other command, use --alias ALIAS instead of the name.


When creating your application, you can link it to GitHub for deployments.

# Link an application to GitHub
clever create --github <owner>/<repository>

Addon creation process

Using clever addon, you can add, rename or delete addon and list available addon providers

# List existing addons
clever addon

Creating an addon

First, list addon providers and then create your addon.

# List addon providers
clever addon providers

# Create your addon and link it to your application with --link <app-alias>
clever addon create <provider-name> <addon-name> --link <app-alias>

# Create an addon for an organization
clever addon create <provider-name> <addon-name> --link <app-alias> --org <org-name>

Choosing provider’s plan and region

You can choose your addon’s plan when you create it using --plan <plan-name>. The plan is by default ‘dev’. With the flag “–yes” you can skip confirmation even if the addon is not free. You can also select the region that will provision the addon in.

# Show more informations about a provider(plans and available regions)
clever addon providers show <provider-name>

# Create your addon
clever addon create <provider-name> --plan <plan> --region <region-name> <addon-name>

Rename or delete an addon

Use addon rename and addon delete to respectively rename and delete an addon. If you don’t want any confirmation, use --yes.

# Rename an addon
clever addon rename <addon-name> <new-name>

# Delete an addon
clever addon delete <addon-name>


Link an application or an addon

You can make dependencies using clever service link

# Link an application
clever service link-app <app-name>

# Link an addon
clever service link-addon <addon-name>

You can unlink dependency using unlink-app and unlink-addon

Exposed configuration

Clever-tools allows you to get and update the exposed configuration of your application that allows dependencies to get informations about your application.

Get the whole configuration

Simply use the commmand down below to get all your variables.

clever published-config

Update a variable

Use set to add or update a variable and rm to remove one.

# Add or update a variable
clever published-config set <variable-name> <variable-value>

# Remove a variable
clever published-config rm <variable-name>

Import a configuration

Clever-tools allows you to load a configuration from STDIN.

cat <configuration> | clever published-config import
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