Redis is an open source, in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker.


The version currently installed by the add-on is : Redis 7.2.4

Database Daily Backup and Retention

By default, Clever Cloud performs a free backup every day, with a retention of seven days. Retention and frequency can be customized for Premium customers.

Each backup can be found in the add-on dashboard in the web console, along with the credentials.

A backup is a tar.gz archive containing both the .rdb and .aof files. You can extract this archive and run redis-server in the extracted folder to access data.

Leader / follower topology

By default, all redis add-ons are configured as leaders. You can set up a redis add-on as a follower from the add-on panel (in the “Add-on information” tab). You need to set the leader information (host, port, password) to start the replication. The add-on panel will display the sync process status so that you know when the synchronisation is done.

While a redis database is configured as a follower, it’s read-only.

Redis-cli usage

You can use Redis URI to connect to your databases with -u option. However, the generated URI in the information tab (REDIS_URL) of you add-on is not a legal syntax to use redis-cli.

This is the correct syntax for redis-cli URI : redis ://password@host:port[/database]

Default retention policy

By default, the eviction policy is noeviction. If you plan to use Redis as a LRU cache, please contact the support to change its policy.

🔑 Rights and permissions

Add-ons are managed services, meaning that users have standard access to the database. Some operations like database and user creation, as well as some settings modifications aren’t available by default. This ensures optimal performances and security for managed services as configured by Clever Cloud.

If you think your system might require more advanced administrative access, contact Clever Cloud support to explain your use case and we will work with you to find a solution.

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