MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS).


The version currently installed by the add-on is :

  • on shared plans (DEV) : MySQL 8.0
  • on newly created dedicated databases (plans XS Small Space and above) : MySQL 5.7.20 or 8.0

Database Daily Backup and Retention

By default, Clever Cloud performs a free backup every day, with a retention of seven days. Retention and frequency can be customized for Premium customers.

Each backup can be found in the add-on dashboard in the web console, along with the credentials.

Migrating from an old database

Some applications require a populated database to run properly. If you want to import your SQL dump, you can use several methods:

  1. Our WebGUI (PHP My Admin).
  2. Command line tool for MySQL administration.
  3. Any MySQL client such as MySQL Workbench.

If you need to import a very large dump, please send an email to

Direct access

Using direct access is a trade-off: if you migrate your addon, you will need to generate the hostname and port again, so your application will need to update that environment, while using a proxy does not change anything.

All our dedicated MySQL databases are served via a proxy. To reduce the latency you can bypass this proxy by generating direct hostname and port for the addon. You can do it by clicking the “Generate direct hostname and port” on the addon dashboard.

This action will add new environment variables to reach the addon without any proxy.

Encryption at rest

Encryption at rest is available on MySQL. You can have more information on the dedicated page


ProxySQL is a tool that acts like a proxy between your application and your MySQL add-on. Instead of connecting to your MySQL add-on, you can connect to the local ProxySQL and it will forward all your requests to your MySQL add-on.

This allows you to let ProxySQL take care of some interesting features like connection pooling or leader / follower setup.

You can learn more about ProxySQL on the dedicated documentation page


As Shared databases (DEV) are shared between multiple applications and delays could appear in case of an high demand. If this delays create problems in your application or are problematcs, we recommend you to use a dedicated database (XS plans and above).

🔑 Rights and permissions

Add-ons are managed services, meaning that users have standard access to the database. Some operations like database and user creation, as well as some settings modifications aren’t available by default. This ensures optimal performances and security for managed services as configured by Clever Cloud.

If you think your system might require more advanced administrative access, contact Clever Cloud support to explain your use case and we will work with you to find a solution.

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