This add-on is currently in Technical Preview.

Keycloak is an open source identity and access management (IAM) solution that offers powerful authentication features for services and secure applications. Thanks to this add-on, you can deploy Keycloak in your organization in just one click. It leverages all Clever Cloud features such as monitoring, scalability, high availability SLA, etc.

To fit the most common needs, the Keycloak add-on comes with batteries included: sensible defaults, easy migration with realms import/export, Keycloak Metrics, default theme, etc.

Technical preview? What does that mean?

Clever Cloud uses your feedback to release products fit for the industry and easy to use. A technical preview enables users to fire-test the product. Hence, this service is first offered as a Tech Preview, before releasing it for production use.

During the Tech Preview period:’

  • Features consistencies are battle-tested and may evolve;
  • UX and interface aren’t final and may also evolve;
  • Bugs and potential issues feedback are deeply sought;
  • Features and pricing may evolve;
  • 0 € service & maintenance fees.

Key features

Keycloak on Clever Cloud allows you to effortlessly set up a tailored authentication and access management solution, that you can adjust to your needs and workloads. It offers a wide panel of services such as:

  • Secure Identity Management;
  • Single Sign-On (SSO);
  • Centralized Administration;
  • Customizable Authentication (OAuth 2.0, LDAP, SAML, OpenID Connect, and more…);
  • Easily load plugins and themes;
  • Multi Realms;
  • Monitoring and Logging;
  • Export and Import;
  • Support and Maintenance.

Need expert advice?

The Clever Cloud Keycloak add-on is designed to meet the most common needs. For the most complex and loaded systems, Please Open-it, our partners and Keycloak experts behind this add-on, can provide assistance: Contact us for more information.

How it works?

When you create the Keycloak add-on, Clever Cloud automatically deploys:

  • A Java instance with Keycloak pre-loaded and configured
  • A PostgreSQL database
  • An FSBucket used for themes, plugins, and import/export storage needs.

By default, Keycloak on Clever Cloud uses small-size resources, i.e:

  • XS Java 17;
  • XS Tiny Space PostgreSQL;
  • Less than 100 MB FSBucket.

Those resources are dimensioned to suit a majority of needs. You can however manage and adjust them directly in the Console to fit your needs. You can for example change their settings, migrate to a larger storage database, etc.

Vertical auto-scalability is available for this service.

Note: The setting of resource sizes manually is a Tech Preview feature that may change in the future.

Create a Keycloak add-on

From the Web Console

  1. Create a new add-on by clicking the Create… dropdown in the sidebar and then an add-on.
  2. Select the Keycloak add-on.
  3. You can skip linking the add-on to an application, it won’t be needed.
  4. Enter a name for your Keycloak add-on and select the zone where you want it to be deployed.

Using the CLI

  1. Make sure you have clever-tools installed locally. Please refer to the getting started guide if needed.
  2. List the available plans and options for Keycloak: clever addon providers show addon-keycloak.
  3. In your terminal, run clever addon create addon-keycloak <app-name> --region <region> --org <org> where app-name is the name you want for your add-on, region deployment region, and org the organization ID where to create it. Refer to the documentation for more details on add-on creation with Clever Tools.

Accessing the Keycloak interface

Once you have created your add-on, go to the Console Keycloak Java runtime page and click “Open the application”

Open the application button

You also can get the Keycloak add-on URL from the Clever Cloud console, in the information panel of your Keycloak add-on.

Keycloak admin interface

The admin interface is accessible on the /admin endpoint:


Here, the URL comes from the information panel in the console. Note the added /admin at the end.

Admin User and Password

  • A default user and password are provided in the Java application by the environment variables CC_KEYCLOAK_ADMIN and CC_KEYCLOAK_ADMIN_PASSWORD.
  • Password change requested at the first connection

Realms management

Realm numbers significantly impact the overall performances. Use as few realms as possible.

There are two ways to manage Realms:

  1. RECOMMENDED: by using the environment variables of the Clever Cloud Java application associated with the Keycloak add-on.
  • In your Keycloak java application, go to the Environment variables panel and declare as many realms as you need, separating each of them by ,.

REALMS=realm_1,realm_2 declare two realms : realm_1, realm_2.

Don’t forget to apply change at the bottom of the environment variable page if you use the console.

  • Restart your Java application after the change.
  1. Create a realm from the Keycloak administrator console.
  • On the dropdown menu from the top left corner in the Keycloak administrator console, click create realm.

A Realm created by Clever Cloud’s environment variables comes with an optimized configuration such as brute-force detection and specific metrics.

Custom Themes and Plugins

Keycloak uses an FSBucket to install themes and plugins. To deploy a custom theme or custom plugin, simply download them into the respective themes or providers folder in your FSBucket.

Exporting data

There are two ways to export Keycloak data:

  1. A partial export using the Keycloak console.

    • from the Realm Settings panel;
    • On the top right, click the dropdownaction menu;
    • Select partial Export;
    • A cold export can be done at the start.
  2. A full export using the environment variables of the Keycloak Java application from the Clever Cloud console.

    • Go to the Keycloak Java application in the Clever Cloud console
    • In the Java application, you can explicitly Realm you want to export as arguments to the CC_EXPORT_REALM environment variable;

    For instance, the following values export my_realm after the application restart: CC_EXPORT_REALM=my_realm

    • restart the Java application from the Clever Cloud console.

    Don’t forget to apply change at the bottom of the environment variable page if you use the console.

This is a total export, including the client’s secrets and hashed password

Importing realms data

Uploading previously exported data in the Import folder in the associated FSBucket enables importing realms data. The import process starts after restarting the Java application.

Security and updates

Since the Keycloak add-on is a fully managed application, you don’t have to select a particular version. It’s automatically upgraded and updated both for features and security.

An add-on update might require a restart.

Required actions are notified by email.

Pricing plans

Technical Review price plan

The Tech Preview pricing consists of the sum of the deployed resources. In details, as per the pricing plan, the default configuration is priced as such:

ResourcePrice / 30 days
XS Java16€
XS Tiny Space PostgreSQL15€
FS Bucket < 100 MB0€
Service and Management0€
Note: During the Technical Preview, there are no extra service management fees applied..

You can go further and adjust the flavor of your Java instance or database to fit your needs. Different plans for Java and PostgreSQL are available on Clever Cloud.

Technical Review plan sizing

Even if this Keycloak add-on might handle heavy traffic and an important number of simultaneous connections, the default configuration should handle the following load (based on Keycloak sizing recommendation)

  • 5 login by second;
  • 90 credential grants by the second;
  • 70 refresh tokens by second.

Known issues

Java application deployment may fail

Sometimes, application dependencies such as PostgreSQL may take a longer time to start. Wait and relaunch the deployment to fix this issue

  • On the Overview tab from the Java application page;
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