Create an Account

Create an Account

The API of Clever Cloud uses OAuth 1 to perform authentication actions. There are two ways to signup to Clever Cloud: email or GitHub login.


This kind of auth requires a valid and non-temporary disposable e-mail, and a password having at least 6 characters.

Do not forget to validate your email by clicking the link you will receive.


The GitHub signup allows you to create an account or link your existing one to GitHub, in one click.

This process asks the following permissions:

  • Read your Public Key
  • Read User Repositories

The “repository permission” is used to deploy your GitHub apps directly to Clever Cloud, with a simple step.

If you need to give access to Clever Cloud’s API to a specific GitHub organization, you can do it here.

Go to the Clever Cloud Console and select the method you prefer.

🔐 Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Clever Cloud supports 2FA. You can enable it here:

Please, backup your recovery codes, we won’t be able to restore access to your account if you lose access to your regular codes.

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