Manage an Organization

Manage an Organization

Create an organization

In the Clever Cloud Web Console, select Add an organization in the left menu.

Give it a name, description, specify if it is a company and add billing informations.

Administrate an organization

By clicking on you application name, a new left menu will open itself.

  • Overview: Simple metrics about your applications within this organization

  • Information: See and edit organization’s name, description, billing address and image. That also is where you can delete your organization.

  • Members: Manage team members. Team members must have a Clever Cloud account. On this page you can add and remove team members. You can also edit their roles in order to manage their permissions.

  • Shared softwares:

  • Payment methods: Manage provisioning of your organization, manage credit cards and add here potential discount codes or coupons.

  • Invoices: See your recent invoices.

  • Notifications: Manage email notifications and web hooks for team members.

  • Consumption: See metrics about your organization’s consumptions.

Delete an organization

In the Information page, click the remove this organization button. You will be prompted to enter the name of the organization in order to confirm the organization deletion.

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