Clever Tools 3.8: "Big Summer Update" is available

Clever Tools 3.8: "Big Summer Update" is available

Effective on July 2, 2024·David Legrand
David Legrand
Hubert Sablonière
Hubert Sablonière

Clever Tools 3.8 is now available. It’s an important release, as we’ve worked on some of its features for several weeks.

Brand new application management

It introduces a complete new way to use our CLI with --app option, available to every application-related commands. It allows you to target any application available from your account, by its ID or its name. You can for example restart an application this way:

clever restart --app app_id
clever restart --app my_app_name
clever restart --app my_app_name --org my_org_name

clever applications list new command can be used from any folder of your system. It prints details about applications across your organizations. You can filter the result with --org or -o option. It includes IDs, names and local aliases (if available) in a table.

More (consistent) options

For most commands, you can now get a result in the format of your choice with --format or -F option. In most cases, you can use human (default) or json, but sometimes json-stream or shell are available too (for example).

You can now define when to stop logs streaming during a clever deploy or a clever restart with exit-on option. Available values are: deploy-start, deploy-end and never (default: deploy-end). Thus, the --follow option is now deprecated.

Of course, you can combine these new options:

# We show ID and name of all applications in JSON format
clever applications list --org my_org_name --format json | jq '.[].applications[] | {app_id, name}'

# We check status of an application
clever status --app app_id_or_name -F json | jq '.status'

# If it's running, we restart it and stop the logs streaming when the deployment starts
clever restart --app app_id_or_name --exit-on deploy-start

These changes are available thanks to a cliparse update introducing private options.

Lots of new features

Multiple new features are also available in this “Big Summer Update”. Access Logs feature now uses v4 API. It’s faster and more reliable, only available for applications and as an alpha test for now. It’s available through clever accesslogs command.

--no-color or --color true|false global option is available. It’s used by default when the output is not a terminal. clever console now opens the Console even if your not in a folder with a linked application. 3.8.1 release comes with some minor fixes.

To upgrade Clever Tools, use your favorite package manager. For example with npm:

npm update -g clever-tools
clever version

Note that we reintroduced Nix support with this release.

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