Clever Tools 3.4.0 is available

Clever Tools 3.4.0 is available

Effective on February 16, 2024·David Legrand
David Legrand
Hubert Sablonière
Hubert Sablonière

This week, we published two Clever Tools updates in a row. 3.3.0 was about adding our new Gravelines HDS region support and fixing a bug in our add-ons logs feature. 3.4.0 brings json and json-stream formats for applications logs. The latter uses the Newline delimited JSON (NDJSON) specification (jq compatible). You can learn more about it here.

But it’s the create and deploy commands which are the most improved by this release. First, you’ll now get the application or add-on name confirmed after creation. You can also get a JSON response adding --format json or -F json to the create or create-addon command. Second, the current folder name is now used as default application name if none is provided.

To create a Node.js application once logged in, you can now just:

clever create -t node

If you need a JSON response for a Go application deployed on Gravelines HDS:

clever create --type go --region grahds --format json

Last but not least: you can deploy a specific tag from your local git repository adding the --tag or -t option:

clever deploy --tag v0.4.2

To upgrade Clever Tools, use your favorite package manager. For example with npm:

npm update -g clever-tools
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