Redis 7.2.4 is available

Redis 7.2.4 is available

Effective on January 11, 2024·Aurélien Hébert
Aurélien Hébert

Redis™ 7.2.4 is now available for each new deployment. You can easily migrate an existing instance from Console.

Security fixes

  • (CVE-2023-41056) In some cases, Redis™ may incorrectly handle resizing of memory buffers which can result in incorrect accounting of buffer sizes and lead to heap overflow and potential remote code execution.

Bug fixes

  • Fix crashes of cluster commands clusters with mixed versions of 7.0 and 7.2 (#12805, #12832)
  • Fix slot ownership not being properly handled when deleting a slot from a node (#12564)
  • Fix atomicity issues with the RedisModuleEvent_Key module API event (#12733)

Learn more about Redis™ 7.2.x branch here.

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